The Importance of Great Lighting

The Importance of Great Lighting

The Importance of Good Lighting

Like most things, light is essential, especially to your home and work place. If you’re buying a new house or renovating your current one, or updating your office (or home office), you should try and improve your lighting. Here are some benefits that you can get from using good lighting at home. 

Helps To You Save Money

Great lighting will help you save on electric bills. Lightning isn’t only about aesthetics and functionality. It’s also about efficiency. Lighting technology has improved enormously and there are many lighting options that consume less electricity than traditional solutions.

If you want efficient lighting, you should use LED lighting for your home. LEDs use less energy - around 75% less than other lighting options. LEDs don’t use heat to generate light so they usually last much longer compared to other lighting types.

Improves Your Mood

Studies have shown that lighting can improve your mood. A dark space isn’t good for your eyesight or mood. If you want to make the home atmosphere calm and stress-free, go for ambient lighting. Examples of ambient lighting are wall lamps, chandeliers, and night lights. 

Dark or low lighting creates a gloomy and dull environment. Warm lighting will make your space feel warm and bright. You generally want to have the brightest lighting at the place of your home where most family members are, like the kitchen and living room. 

Not all houses are built with great natural light. You need to add in good lighting to make your home comfortable. Consider adding more natural lighting if you’re renovating or building a house. 

Makes Your Home Smarter

Many homes now have some level of Smart Integration, be it Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Homekit. With one of these devices as a base, you can add compatible lighting solutions to start to build a smart home.

Even the cheapest LED strips can be paired with a smart plug to provide levels of automation and voice control that soon becomes an addiction! 'Alexa set the hall light to 100%' becomes the default, using switches will become a thing of the past.

Provides a Sense of Spaciousness

More often than not, badly lit and dark homes feel stuffy and cramped. When you add good lighting at home, the area seems more spacious. While this doesn’t exactly make the area wider, it will give you a sense that it is. 

This lighting technique is more on the aesthetic side. This can be explained by the shadows cast by objects in the area. When shadows create shady areas, the area feels less roomy. 

Shadows, if used correctly can however enhance the beauty of the room or make it look big. You need good lighting for you to do it. 

Enhances Aesthetics in the Room

Lighting can also be used for aesthetic purposes. They can be used to highlight paintings, furniture, or other decorations at home. They’re often called decorative lighting. 

The lighting itself can be an aesthetic choice like a chandelier. Some lighting offers dimmable features and colour-changing options. They’re really great for changing the theme easily of your home.

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